In the war poems “Dulce et Decorum Est”, “Anthem for doomed youth” and “Exposure” there are multiple language techniques used throughout these 3 poems. Some of the most common language used in Wilfred Owen’s are similes, personification and emotive language. Using these language techniques paints a harsh image in my head about what he’s talking about and has made me realise that there are no real winners in war. The reason why there are no real winners in war is because all the countries that come out of war have lost a lot of men and women and have spent billions of dollars on artillery, ammo and guns, medicinal supplies and aircraft.

Through out the 3 poems there are multiple occasions were Wilfred Owen uses similes, one of the similes he uses is “As under a green sea, i saw him drown.”. This is one of the similes from the poem “Dulce et Decorum Est” This one one of my favourite similes from Wilfred Owen’s poems, he is talking about the chlorine gas filling the air and smothering it with the green colour of the chlorine, he says there is so much of this chlorine that its like a “sea”, he also continues the sea theme with the line “I saw him drown”, Wilfred Owen is saying the man who got trapped in the deadly gas cloud got engulfed in the chlorine making him choke and killing him.

Another simile used in Wilfred Owen’s war poem “Anthem for doomed youth” is “What passing-bells for these who die as cattle.”. Wilfred Owen is saying that the men who run out into battle are just slaughtered straight away just like cattle when the farmers are ready to kill them, just like the cattle the soldiers are defenceless, they cant do anything to help them to live. “What passing bells” is anther part of this simile/line, this means were is the soldiers recognition for these men who have no choice to put there lives on the line for there country, and when there body’s come back from the battle field theirs no bells or any type of gesture to say thank you to the passed soldier or the soldiers family.

One more simile that Wilfred Owen has used in “Dulce et Decorum Est” is “His hanging face, like the devils sick of sin”. This is talking about after the men have been hit with the chlorine gas. The men who were unlucky to get away from the gas cloud and hit were left with severe injury’s internally and externally. The external damage

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